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BEVAB GmbH was founded by Manfred Willecke in Bergisch Gladbach in 1989. Due to our high-quality products, we were able to win many customers of the chemical, packaging and steel industries right from the start. So far we have, for instance, sold more than 300 vacuum systems worldwide.

In addition to rendering individual advice and the planning of systems, our area of activity comprises the repair of vacuum pumps and vacuum systems. Our range of services is extended by the sale of accessories and spare parts. Moreover, we offer a finishing of materials through a thermal spray process to our customers.

The combustion wire thermal spray and combustion powder thermal spray processes provide materials with best possible protection against corrosion. By means of other applications, the conductivity of work pieces is improved. We have specialised in the shielding and field control of electrical medium-voltage and high-voltage components whereby we finish approx. 50,000 components for our customers each year.

Please contact us for further information:


Kürtener Str.75
D-51465 Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

Tel.: +49 (0) 22 02 / 3 97 22
Fax: +49 (0) 22 02 / 4 16 68

E-Mail: info@bevab.de